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Portfolio- Sketchbooks


The Love of a sketchbook!

I always have a sketchbook on the go and consequently have a huge number on the shelves of my studio. My sketchbook is the place where I sort out thoughts and visually put them into some sort of order. They are never beautifully curated artworks, they are working books where I collate ideas and make visual connections that will, in some cases, be developed into a final design.

The delights of a book where you can collect images and thoughts first came to me when I was eight.  After a bout of measles I was given a scrapbook and I have been filling books of all sizes since and they are rather precious to me. Looking back through them is often a reminder of undeveloped ideas and a trigger for a new train of thought. In amongst the pages are unremarkable scribbles and jottings that remind me of other important things that were going on at the time.

These images and videos are all from the 'Sketchbook Project' run by the The Brooklyn Art Library.


I participated in this project in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
It was a great way to kick-start some new ideas, many of which have been developed into design work. 

For a fee of $25 I was sent an empty sketchbook and I chose a theme from a long list. I filled my sketchbook with my interpretation of the theme and sent it back.

The themes I chose:-
2011 ‘Things that change other things’ 
2012 ‘Along the line’
2013 ‘Diagram’
My sketchbook joined the thousands of others and went on tour throughout the USA. In 2012 and 2013 My sketchbook was digitalised and can be seen on their website.

I also made a couple of wee films of the sketchbooks.

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