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Cycling up the hill with my Dad

Claire Heminsley- Textiles

David Heminsley- Ceramics 


Cycling up the hill with my Dad was a solo exhibition which originated in St Andrews, Fife in 2007 traveling as an expanded show to the Collins Gallery, Glasgow in 2009. 

My father and I had never exhibited together so I suggested to him that we celebrate his 80th birthday by having a joint show, each of us producing a new body of work. We met with Diana Skyes from Fife Contemporary, St Andrews to discuss our plans and set to work. We also planned for the exhibition to travel to the Collins gallery in Glasgow the following year. The curator of the Collins, Laura Hamilton suggested that dad and I should make each other a piece of work as 'a gift'.  He produced some gorgeous big bowls and was excited by his new work. 

When he died suddenly in March 2007 everything changed. It became clear to me that I wanted to continue however the focus of my work shifted and we honoured his work as a retrospective. 

Laura Hamilton the Curator of the Collins Gallery describes the exhibition….. ‘Claire’s work was shown alongside that of her father, the ceramicist, David Heminsley. The exhibition reveals their shared love of drawing- Claire’s pieces incorporating cloth, stitch, and digital printing with elements of illustration and gentle humour. Tragically David died in March 2007 during the planning of this project and Claire’s tribute to the creative life of her father, using his tools, his inspiration and her memories of him, has unwittingly become a poignant and truly touching memorial’

The images show the work in both venues.

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