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The message is in the medium

Off the Rails Arthouse, Ladybank, Fife, Scotland. 

Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th July 2019



4 day fee £195


Message [mesij] n indirect communication from one person to another; errand; inspired teaching, revelation; moral or social teaching.

Medium  (pl media, mediums) [meedi-um] n material in which an artist works; substance within which objects exist or through which a force is transmitted.

The success of the workshop ‘The Message is in the Medium’ held in March has prompted Claire to expand it into a 4 day summer school. The extra 2 days will give even more time to develop ideas and experiment with textile techniques.

The course will explore the possibilities of incorporating a message within a textile piece. We will develop ideas, which convey a message through the use of imagery, layers, shape, the written word and textile techniques e.g. hand and machine stitch, mono and low tech screen print.


We will examine how a variety of media and techniques can be used to communicate a message and lead you to new starting points for your textile work.


You will work individually, but with strong support from Claire and will have a chance to discuss and share ideas with the rest of the group. There will be machine stitch and other technical demonstrations throughout the week.


Some materials will be supplied, a list of ‘things and thoughts to bring’ will be sent after booking a place.     

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. 

A link to Off the rails Arthouse

To book a place please contact me here


At the minute all workshops are on hold but as soon as I have news of future courses I will post here! 

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